Badger Dairy Camp

Badger Dairy Camp is summer youth activity camp that focuses on fitting and showing of dairy cattle, judging, and dairy science related workshops. The three-day event takes place on campus and is for youth ages 12-18. Many Badger Dairy Club members play an active role in assisting the camp director by serving as chaperones and leading workshops, as well as being mentors to the campers.

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BDC Spring Banquet

Every spring BDC members have a banquet to highlight the past year. Awards are given to the most active class members, scholarships are awarded and the new officers are installed. We also give two awards, the Friend of BDC and the Guest of Honor, to deserving people or companies in the industry that have helped, supported and guided us throughout the year.

Ted Halbach and Dr. Dave Dickson give out dairy judging awards and Dr. Combs announces the Dairy Challenge competition highlights. Following the program is a dance where fun is had by one and all.

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In spring, many BDC members take part in the annual BDC Bonfire. Held outside of Madison, this social event allows members to meet and interact with students, grill out, and celebrate another successful year!

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Brewer Trip

BDC takes an annual trip to Milwaukee to cheer on the Brewers in the spring. The club rents a bus to get there. Members grill out, play catch in the parking lot and make many lasting memories with members prior to finals week and before everyone leaves for the summer.

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CALS Day for Kids

CALS Day for Kids, organized by the CALS Student Council, is an event that involves many clubs on CALS campus. The purpose of CALS Day for Kids is to educate Madison area fourth graders about the importance of agriculture. Every spring, BDC members set up a display with a Holstein calf and a trivia game, both which get children thinking about the dairy industry. The children always love to pet the calf and learn the amazing facts. Many times, CALS Day for Kids is the first time a child has ever seen a calf. CALS Day for Kids is a great opportunity for BDC members to educate Madison's youth about the dairy industry.

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CALS Picnic

BDC participates in the annual CALS Picnic every fall. Members welcome students to campus and encourage them to join the organization by telling them all about the club and its activities. A picnic lunch is also provided by the CALS Student Council and door prizes are also given away.

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Christmas Party

This year Badger Dairy Club hosted a very successful Christmas party that members attended on December 7th. The party consists of music, refreshments and fun for all at a local establishment.

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Clipping/Herd Clean-up Project

BDC's newest service activity is a Clipping and Herd Clean-up Project. Members have been spending some Saturdays this winter out on area farms, clipping cows, washing tails, registering calves, and doing other random tasks. The purpose of this project is to help busy farmers catch up on some chores while allowing students the chance to get off campus and back to the farm for a day.

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Club 101

Every fall BDC and Saddle and Sirloin work closely together to organize and put on a showmanship contest for students enrolled in Animal Science 101 and Short Course. We help students with their animals, teaching them how to properly care, clip, groom, feed, wash and show their animals. We also assign students to chores and contact people to judge the contest.

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Dairy Cattle Center Tours

Throughout the year we give guided tours of the Dairy Cattle Center on campus to school-aged children. We educate them on about cows, milking procedures, and general dairy facts.

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FFA Contest

Every spring BDC works with the dairy science department in preparing the judging and showmanship contest for high school FFA members. BDC members wash cattle, listen to reasons, collect and score cards, and serve as ring leaders or announcers.

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Intramural Sports

BDC members often organize teams that compete in intramural sports throughout the school year. This last year, BDC had a basketball team that played once a week during spring semester. BDC has also competed in softball and volleyball intramurals in the past. BDC does very well in competition amongst the rest of the college.

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Midwest ADSA-SAD

The American Dairy Science Association- Student Affiliated Division (ADSA-SAD) has an undergraduate convention every year for dairy clubs throughout the midwest. BDC members always tour farms, partake in quiz bowl, karaoke contests, dances, seminars and the annual meeting.

A group of BDC members will be traveling to this year's ADSA, hosted by South Dakota State University, February 3 - 5.

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Service Events

BDC members can be found throughout the year doing various community service projects. We find it very important and beneficial to educate the community and university about the dairy industry and agriculture in general. We do service projects that benefit people both in and out of the dairy industry. Please contact us if you have any projects or service ideas that would be within our interests and capabilities. We would gladly assist in any way! Below are the projects we currently do each year.

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Social Events

In addition to service events, BDC also has a variety of social events for members to get to know their fellow club members, meet many new people, form lasting friendships and celebrate the club's many accomplishments throughout the year.

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Spring Showmanship Contest

BDC sponsors and organizes the spring showmanship contest that is held at the Midwest National Spring Show. BDC members organize the event by finding judges, ordering prizes, and manning the showring the day of the event.

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Student/Faculty Mixer

Every fall, BDC kicks of the year with a student, faculty mixer. It is held in the Jorn's courtyard and involves food, volleyball, officer and faculty introductions and other games. It is a chance for the freshman to meet other dairy enthusiasts and to meet faculty. Members also learn about World Dairy Expo and the club's involvement, while also becoming familiar with the chairman for the event. BDC always hangs posters throughout the campus to notify new members of the gathering.

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