Kent Weigel
Dairy Science Dept. Chair- Professor
Breeding and Genetics
Room 266A Animal Sciences
Phone: 263-4321

Dr. Weigel's research has focused on international genetic comparisons, genotype by environment interactions, genetic evaluation of health and management traits, and strategies to control inbreeding.

Laura Hernandez
Assistant Professor
Lactation Biology
Room: Room 864 Animal Sciences
Phone: (608) 263-9867

Dr. Hernandez's research focuses on autocrine/paracrine factors that regulate milk synthesis and secretion, particularly during the transition periods of pregnancy to lactation and lactation to the dry period. The goal of Dr. Hernandez's research is to elucidate novel methods for improving the ability of dairy cattle to maximize their lactation potential, either by improving the transition to lactation and/or alleviating dry period issues.