From the very first sale to the next sale...Badger Invitationals Have Been a Success!

From the 8th Badger Invitational Sale Catalog:

"Nearly 14 years ago, a group of Madison students wanted to try something different. With the registered cattle business flourishing, the students put together a sale of outstanding Holsteins and in the process acquired invaluable merchandise. Thus, the Badger Invitational Sale series was born."

"More than a decade later, the sale continues to sustain our judging and scholarship programs. The excitement and support of both alumni and students remains strong."

~Carey Osofsky, General Chairperson, 1997

Badger Invitational History
1st Badger Invitational

Year: 1983, Arlington, WI
Lots: 51
Average: $2,741.00
High Seller: $10,500.00
Buyer: Ray McEnroe, Millerton, NY

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2nd Badger Invitational

Year: 1985, Arlington, WI
Lots: 57
Average: $2075
High Seller: $22,000 Kallot Bell Mia
Consigner: Zimview Farms, Inc., Juda, WI
Buyer: La Pae Farms & Tom Meyers, Clair, MI

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3rd Badger Invitational

Year: 1987, Arlington, WI
Lots: 60
Average: $2,242.79
High Seller: $4,000.00, Crescent-Beauty Valiant Leann
Consigner: Roy & Rodney Hetts, Fort Atkinson, WI
Buyer: Sunshine Genetics, Whitewater, WI

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4th Badger Invitational

Year: 1989, Arlington, WI
Lots: 56
Average: $2,284.38
High Seller: $6,600.000, Lost-Elm Cleitus Ginger-ET
Consigner: Jerry Luttropp, Berlin, WI
Buyer: Kevin Jorgenson & Jerry Luttropp, Pine River, WI

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5th Badger Invitational

Year: 1991, Arlington, WI
Lots: 65
Average: $1,980.38
High Seller: $5,200.00, Enchanted-Oaks Mickie-ET
Consigner: Robert F. Rowe, Middleton, WI
Buyer: ABS

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6th Badger Invitational

Year: 1993
Lots: 56
Average: $2,083.04
High Seller:$5,400.00, MS Cleitus Jobo Natzke-ET
Consigner: Robert Trampf, Berlin, WI
Buyer: Larsen Acres, Evansville, WI

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7th Badger Invitational

Year: 1995, Arlington, WI
Lots: 62
Average: $1,936.29
High Seller: $3,200.00, Jauquet Mountain Money-ET
Consigner: Jauquet Farms, Luxemburg, WI
Buyer: Daniel Coulthard, Cuba City, WI
High Seller: $3,200.00, Fer-LI Jed Blake
Consigner: Tim & Lisa Ferry, Kaukauna, WI
Buyer: Brett Dettmann, Johnson Creek, WI

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8th Badger Invitational

Year: 1997, UW-Madison Stock Pavilion
Lots: 47
Average: $1,837.23
High Seller: $4,000.00, Golden-Oaks Serinity-Red-ET
Consigner: Golden Oaks Farm, Wauconda, IL
Buyer: Tom Lyon Jr., Westfield, WI

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9th Badger Invitational

Year: 1999, UW-Madison Stock Pavilion
Lots: 50
Average: $2,119.00
High Seller: $10,000.00, Kellwood Broker Amber EX-93
Consigner: Mohrfield Holsteins, Pleasant Plain, OH
Buyer: Peter R. Heffering, Port Perry, ON Canada

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10th Badger Invitational

Year: 2001, UW-Madison Stock Pavilion
Lots: 54
Average: $2,263.88
High Seller: $5,200.00, Wilcoxview-SA Jolt Emily-ET
Consigner: Wilcox Farms & Schorno Agri-Business, Roy, WA
Buyer: Wendy & Galen Zens, Willard, NM

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11th Badger Invitational

Year: 2003, UW-Madison Stock Pavilion
Lots: 50
Average: $2,595.80
High Seller: $10,100.00, Carrousel Sky Manessa-ET
Consigner: Carrousel Farms, Orangeville, IL
Buyer: Jeff Campbell, Limestone, TN
1st BDC Hall of Fame Inductee: Merle Howard

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12th Badger Invitational

Year: 2005, UW-Madison Stock Pavilion
Lots: 53
Average: $3,292.00
High Seller: $8,900, 1st Choice, Pursuit September Storm*RC x Regancrest Starbuck Denyse
Consigner: Carrousel Farms, Orangeville, IL
Buyer: Adam Morris, Amery, WI
2nd BDC Hall of Fame Inductee: Dr. Lee Allenstein

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13th Badger Invitational

Year: 2007, UW-Madison Stock Pavilion
Lots: 49 (47 live, 2 embryo packages)
Average: $3,3657.45
High Seller: $6,700, Budjon-JK Dundee Enya-ET, 11/06 Dundee calf from Milan Eleven then Broker Elegance
Consigner: Budjon Farm and Joel Keitzman, Lomira, WI
Buyer: Siemers Holsteins, Cleveland, WI
3rd BDC Hall of Fame Inductee: Marlow Nelson

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14th Badger Invitational

Year: 2009, UW-Madison Stock Pavilion
Lots: 41
Average: $2,937
High Seller: $7,200, Ms Show-N-Style Blk Betty-ET - 6/07 Aspen daughter backed by five VG & EX dams. Betty was Reserve All-Illinois Summer Yearling in 2008
Consigner: Ron & Tom Mikulice and Calf-Vantage Feeds, Inc., Orangeville, IL
Buyer: Justin Langer, DeForest, WI
4th BDC Hall of Fame Inductee: Dr. David Dickson

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15th Badger Invitational

Year: 2011, UW-Madison Stock Pavilion
Lots: 57
Average: $2,989
High Seller: $10,100 First Choice female from Bomaz Shottle 4679-ET (GTPI+2129)
Consigner: Bomaz Holsteins, Hammond, WI
Buyer: Hilmar Holsteins, Hilmar, CA
5th Dr. David P. Dickson Hall of Fame Inductee (formerly known as BDC Hall of Fame): Tom Morris

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16th Badger Invitational

Year: 2013, UW-Madison Stock Pavilion
Lots: 62
Average: $3,015
High Seller: $17,000 Rosylane-LLC Jives 5611 (GTPI+2394)
Consigner: Rosy-Lane Holsteins LLC
Buyer: Ideal Dairy, Hudson Falls, NY
6th Dr. David P. Dickson Hall of Fame Inductee: Jim Hoskins

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17th Badger Invitational

Year: 2015, UW-Madison Stock Pavilion
Lots: 43
Average: $2,823
High Seller: RJR McCutchen 4310
Consigner: Reuter Dairy Inc., Peosta, IA
Buyer: Brianne,Brooklyn & Reid Vandoske & Jess Mullikin, WI
7th Dr. David P. Dickson Hall of Fame Inductee: Scott Armbruster

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