Dairy Badger Club


Badger Dairy Club (BDC) creates opportunities for the membership to engage in activities and experiences within the college, community and the ever progressing dairy industry. As you navigate among this site, notice the accomplishments and activities that BDC members do each year. We are very thankful for the strong support from many alumni, faculty, friends and family.

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On Wisconsin!!


World Dairy Expo

Countdown to World Dairy Expo. For more information on the best week of the year visit,


Fall Semester

• Monthly Meetings
• CALS Fall Picnic
• World Dairy Expo
• Farm Tours
• Activities

Spring Semester

• Monthly Meetings
• Farm Tours
• Activities
• Spring Trip
• 18th Badger Invitational Sale
• CALS Day for Kids
• BDC Banquet

Purpose of the Badger Dairy Club
  • To provide opportunities for fellowship, friendship, service and to grow socially
  • To provide an opportunity to enhance the educational experience
  • To promote dairy cattle, products and the dairy industry
  • To learn of occupation opportunities
  • To make available the opportunity to make professional connections